Upcoming strategies


Projects in development

The future of BCcampus includes further opportunities to Learn, Do, and Lead in the post-secondary space of British Columbia. Here are a few projects on our radar:

  • An Untextbook on Rethinking Instructional Design: A design-based collaborative research process that brings together instructional designers in B.C. in a series of online sessions, an “untextbook” sprint at Cascadia in April, and a follow-up dialogue at CNIE in May
  • How are the doers doing it? An exploration of open education practices in B.C. higher education institutions to understand what’s working and how this can be replicated in other learning environments
  • Conducting research on pedagogical approaches to improve our ability to reach rural, primarily aboriginal, students through online learning
  • An invitation for industrial training: We are conducting preliminary conversations with trades leaders and educators about creating a space to explore and celebrate teaching, learning, and educational technology in the trades

Access codes

Continuing our mission to minimize the cost of learning for students in B.C., we are exploring open source solutions to provide free access to a homework system as an alternative to the existing options that require students to pay, on average, $92 per course. An added benefit of the open source solution is the built-in customization and control of materials for instructors.

Upcoming events

Check the BCcampus events calendar page to register for upcoming events, including ETUG’s 25th Anniversary Conference, EdTech Demos, FLO workshops, and other activities around teaching and learning in British Columbia.